Cat Ba Island Travel Guides

Cannon Fort

The majestic - that is all that people can say when coming to the Cannon Fort (High Point 177) in Cat Ba, where nature- heaven- earth- sea are in harmony with the heroic history. 

Cat Ba National Park

 Cat Ba is dubbed the bright pearl institute of beautiful Hai Phong city with beautiful beaches, mysterious caves, more interesting, it is also a suitable place for enthusiasts to experience and explore the World's biosphere reserve - Cat Ba National Park.

Viet Hai Village

  Thanks to the pristine natural scenery and hospitable people, Viet Hai Village has a community ecotourism site attracting large numbers of tourists on Cat Ba Island . If you have the opportunity to set foot in the fishing village you will really have the experience unforgettable.

Monkey Island

  Possessing beautiful unspoiled natural landscapes, Cat Dua Island or Monkey Island has become a bright spot of Cat Ba tourism, where tourists can satisfy all senses, immerse in nature and play with monkeys.

Nam Cat Island

  Nam Cat Island is tropical paradise with peaceful pristine beauty, is nestled among numerous small and large islands in Lan Ha Bay area of Cat Ba archipelago, promising to be an ideal tourist destination in  Cat Ba for summer days. 

Cat Ba Island

 "The pearl of the north" is the name that tourists use to refer to Cat Ba island, because this beautiful island brings a distinct beauty that visitors will definitely find everything that satisfies their intellectual and all senses.